Tess van Zalinge presents their latest collection, ‘Maandag, Wasdag’

The Dutch fashion community gathered in the Costume Museum on Thursday, May 17th for the latest collection of Tess van Zalinge. Virgin white organza and frail corsets formed the basis for the enchanting show with folkloristic kraplap. With the title ‘Monday, Wash Day’, the young designer referred to nostalgic traditional Dutch sculptures of green meadows with clotheslines full of flowing white wax.

The museum was the perfect backdrop for van Zalinge. Her work comes into its own in a small, intimate environment, according to the fashion designer. Moreover, with her enchanting collection, she gave a completely original interpretation of traditional Dutch costumes.

The love for traditional crafts

I’m aiming for a clash between functionality and sensuality. A clash where the Spakenburger ‘kraplap’, the complicit layers of Dutch nature and historical corsets unite.” – Tess van Zalinge

“May 2018 Tess van Zalinge launched her new collection at the Dutch Costume Museum in Amsterdam.

Tess’ love for crafts, nature and folklore is again central in her newest collection. Inspired by the nostalgic image of white laundry on the clothesline above the vast fields that Dutch nature has to offer. Tess takes you back to Monday Laundry, ‘I have been inspired by this typical Dutch image of peace and quietness and made a translation of it with the focus on traditional costume, craft and experiment’.

The innovation of combining Dutch heritage with various forms of craftsmanship makes Tess van Zalinge’s work not only typically Dutch, but also reflects her vision: craft, innovation and preservation in the Netherlands, in a sustainable and honest way.

The signature of Tess van Zalinge is breaking the status quo without losing its essence. During the show it was reflected in body-following silhouettes of light wool and silk with contrasting recycled plastic and glassware followed by dorky underwear with transparent kraplap corsets. The layering of the different materials, together with a serene, faded landscape print formed the colour palette of the collection. Tess also uses various crafts in this collection such as printing, knitting, folding, laser cutting and embroideries. Dutch craft in the year 2018.

Icon photographer Sophie van der Perre shot the campaign image for the collection. Lookbook and catwalk photography by Tomek Dersu Aaron and Marieke Bosma.

Completely in line with her love of craft and costume wear, the collection is included in the exhibition ‘Contemporary Fashion’ of the Dutch Costume Museum from September 5th 2018 to March 31st 2019. Her work will sit next to that of Viktor & Rolf, Walter van Beirendonck and David Laport.”

Quoted from tessvanzalinge.com

tess van zalinge catwalk
via instagram @moamamsterdam

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